Get Global Visibility for your Metal Business.

Metal Market website is available in major countries who have a high metal import. We can get your business on the front row with visibility. Upload your products on our website and get them in front of millions of buyers from over 200 countries Let our app help you get your business global.

Marketplace (No Commission)

  • Metal Market is a marketplace for traders, suppliers, stockist and distributors of any metal products.
  • We take no commissions, which means you do not have to pay any percentage of your earnings to us.
  • Buyers can find metal products at the best prices from sellers in India. Sellers can upload their metal products on the website & start selling instantly. You don't need any experience to get started!
  • Simply upload your stock and interested buyers will directly call you for purchase.
Metal Inventory Management System

  • World class Inventory management system for your metal business.
  • With our advanced search system, you can find items quickly and accurately - all you need to know is the grade, type or location of the metal product.
  • Know the size of your business by looking at the numbers. With smart analysis features like this, Metal Market helps you make smarter decisions for your business.
  • You can register Stock In & Stock Out based on your Godown location.
Billing Solution - Invoice Management System

  • GST in a click: Get your GST balance, track your invoices, and send monthly details to your CA easily all in one place.
  • Generate GST Bills easily.
  • Understand quaterly statements.
  • Maintain a clear account to make your life easier during March ending.
Secure and Reliable

  • Automatic Data Backups
  • Metal Market is equipped with a failsafe mechanism that makes it a reliable choice for uninterrupted service. Be rest assured that no matter what happens, your content will never be lost.
  • We use strong encryption for communication. We also backup all your data automatically, in case something happens to it. This way you can be assured that your data will always be safe and secure with us!
  • We have taken many safety precautions to make sure that your information stays safe and we are constantly working on ways to improve our system so you can be safe in the knowledge that we will always do our best to keep it secure.
What users say
Prithviraj Jain

Metal Market App is the best solution for metal businesses. I've been looking for a system that is easy to use, efficient and does not take up too much time to learn and setup. Metals Market App has it all: it's easy to use, has a user-friendly interface, provides an inventory management system and even has a website included! Also it’s marketplace feature is a great aid to get global visibility

- J.P Steel and Alloys
We have answer for all your queries
Metal Market App is a solution for all Metal Market Business owners. It is a complete solution which includes a Global Marketplace for Metal Business owners, Inventory Management System, Invoice Management System, Stock Report System, Finance Reporting system, Godown Manager and a free Website.
The idea of a Metal Market App is based on the concept of digitizing an industry that has so far been untouched by technological advancements. Metal Market App solve some of the very specific problem that a Metal business faces. We understand that running a Metal business is a challenge on it's own, one has to look after the inventory, Manage employee, Maintain Invoices, Marketing, etc. It is also a global platform to advertise your metal maal without worrying about commissions. Having all these features on one platform will save you time - which is crucial for any metal business to make good profits!
Absolutely Not, Metal Market is a key feature of our platform. Businesses from across the world can upload their metal stock on our website and mobile app, and get connected with respective buyers. Once the post is uploaded on the market buyers will directly call you and you can make the deal without paying any commission to us.
No, We have a yearly subscription that cover all the basic features that we currently offer.
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